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Doom Eternal docked is 720p-540p handheld 612p-360p and 30fps – My Nintendo News

Tech publication Digital Foundry has examined the ultra-violent but acclaimed DOOM Eternal video game for the Nintendo Switch. The team have come away massively impressed by what Panic Button have managed to achieve with the hybrid platform. The game’s resolution maxes out in docked mode at 720p-540p and in handheld is between 612p -360p. Digital Foundry says that a 30fps frame-rate is maintained most of the time. Here’s their closing thoughts:

“Not only that, it’s clearly some of the finest work Panic Button has done yet. It exhibits many of the same sacrifices as its prior ports, but offers a considerably smoother overall frame-rate while improving resolution over the Wolfenstein titles. The fact that it delivers a near locked 30 frames per second experience versus the unstable results of the prior games is a huge achievement, especially when you factor in how much more challenging Doom Eternal is to convert across in the first place. Ultimately, this is Doom Eternal… and now it’s available to play on a handheld.”

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